Posted on: January 26, 2008 4:11 pm

Class of '04 for Michigan going pro...

After a long up and down football season that consisted of super high expectations and huge dissappointment our great recruiting class 2004 that featured Chad Henne, Mike Hart, Adrian Arrington and Jamar Adams have finished up there eligibility at Michigan and now venture on to their professional football careers. Where will it take them? How well will they succeed? Here is my opinion on several Michigan Football players potential in the NFL.

Chad Henne  - 6'3" 220 - A 4 year stater at Michigan, owns just about every passing record for the Wolverines. Helped Michigan to a Co-Big 10 Championship as a true freshmen with his great play. Henne stock has been on the rise thanks to a great week of practice at this years Senior Bowl. I view Henne's chance to be very good in the NFL. He has a very strong arm, throws a very good deep ball, able to make the all the NFL throws with ease. His footwork continues to improve and his ability to learn a offensive system in a quick manner is hard to come by for a NFL rookie QB. Draw back is that he tends to lock on his favorite target a little to often and his mobilty in the pocket is not very good. I can see Chad having a solid NFL career simular to Drew Brees if he ia able to land in the right system like a West Coast Offense and sit back for a year or even two before taking over as a full time starter. He could have success for the Packers,Panthers, Buccaneers, Seahawks, Jaguars, Ravens and the Jets. Overall I see Henne becoming a high to mid 2nd round selection and becoming a future starting QB in the NFL with the ability to develop into a Pro Bowl QB a few times in his career. Michigan has done a great job getting Henne ready for the pros.

Mike Hart - a 3 star recruit when he landed at Michigan and was not even the main RB recruit for U of M in '04 anyone remember a kid by the name of Max Martin a 4 star recruit from Alabama who was suppose be the next great RB when Chris Perry left Michigan. Hart will be very interesting to watch when he gets drafted. He is not a big back 5'9" 205 with 4.55 speed but Hart has a huge drive to succeed that is not found in every athlete. His determination alone should earn him a roster spot in the NFL for the next 6 to 8 years. For Mike Hart in my opinion to be a everydown back in the NFL he would have to be drafted in a system the uses more of a zone blocking scheme for it's O-Line like the Denver Broncos, Panthers, Packers and Texans use . This is what Mike ran behind during his 4 year record setting career as a Wolverine. Hart has amazing leg power and drive, great vision, quick feet, great balance and excellent pass protector. Mike lacks pure break away speed and NFL size for a everydown RB. Plus with the amount of carries and hits his body took while at Michigan that is sure to hurt his stock because everyone knows that a RB career can be very short in the NFL if they where down form all the hits the endure during their playing career. Hart I expect to be a day 2 draft day selection as high as round 4 but I expect a 5th round selection for Mike. I just hope he lands on the right team for his running ability or he could become a NFL journeymen or even worst have a very brief career.

Jamar Adams - Adams had a decent Michigan career. Coming in as a 3 star recruit from North Carolina and starting his junior and senior seasons as a SS. It's difficult to project Adams future success in the NFL. He is a big time hitter that supports the run very well. In coverage he is a concern because he lacks the fluid hips and footwork needed to cover #3 and #4 WR's and even athletic TE's. Has good size at 6'2" 220 and good speed will really need to work on his overall game to stay in the NFL for more then 5 years. Could become a special teams top notch player with his hitting and tackling ability for several years in the NFL if he puts his heart in to it. I project Adams as a 6th to 7th round selection and could struggle to make a NFL roster if head is not focused.

Adrian Arrington - 6'4" 205 (4.54 40 speed) A redshirt junior who could have returned for his senior season but elected to take his chance in the NFL. Arrington is a wild card as a NFL draft pick. Could develop into a solid #2 NFL WR because of his size and jumping ability which could cause some tough redzone matches also is not affraid to go over the middle to make a catch and take a big hit. Will need to improve his route running and his overall dedication to the game. Could become a Amani Toomer type WR or another David Terrell it will all depend on Arrington's dedication. I see Adrian going in the 5th or 6th round in this years NFL draft.

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